1924US Postcard Set – Knickerbocker Mfg

USA Made


At some point or another you’ve quite aimlessly spun the postcard rack at the drug store or the souvenir shop, finally settling on the least uncool picture to send to your comrade back home. Now, with 1924 U.S. Postcard Set by Knickerbocker MFG, spinning and settling are things of the past. ($15.00 per set). Christian Watson is a Texan with an aptitude for artistic, proverbial-esque quips and slick designs to accompany them, and when the New Yorkers at Knickerbocker spotted his goods, they invited the ideas right along. As any imaginative calculation might conclude, this joining of forces resulted in a pretty random, yet perfectly fitting product: playful, witty postcards. Then, with a little elbow grease applied by the gents at Haven Press, a set of five postcards constructed with 130 lb. heavy weight, off white card stock was born. What you’ll receive in your bundle is twenty hand-printed cards total, four of each design, complete with words and images so cool that you won’t really need to do any writing of your own – all you’ll need is the stamp.

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