2nd Edition Playing Cards Deck – Misc. Goods Co

USA Made


2nd Edition Playing Cards Deck Red ($15) – Some of us are able to still an idle hand, while others cannot waste a single moment of consciousness. When travelling or camping, it’s nice to bring something along to occupy that ticking brain. So, bring a book, a journal, maybe a harmonica, but one thing you’ll never regret packing is a deck of cards. Graphic Designer, Tyler Deeb, fully understands the restless spirit. Operating freelance and in between jobs, he knew he couldn’t allow himself to be exhausted by listlessness. He began working on his own deck of cards, but rather than the familiar game of solitaire, he occupied his hands by designing his own 52-card French deck. What began as a simple cognitive amusement developed into a more impassioned interest. As the illustrations emerged, and the time invested began to feel more significant, Deeb knew that he would have to show some one what he’d been working on. For this, he turned to Kickstarter, appreciating that no input is more valuable then that of potential consumers. The response was far greater than Deeb expected, and he tumbled out of the experience with a promising new startup called Misc. Goods Co. Working with a small staff out of Louisville, Kentucky, Tyler Deeb satisfies orders from all over the world. And the interest isn’t without merit. The deck design, while somewhat traditional in layout, is laced with sharp, clean lines and brazen aesthetics. The lettering is coy and mischievous, as if daring one to play. The cards are made from high quality cardstock, promising to stay around a while. So, next time your packing a bag, wondering what it is that you’ve overlooked, next time your fearfully anticipating your own idle hands, throw in a deck of Misc. Goods Co. playing cards, and find yourself happily occupied.

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