Acorn Bags Large Saddle Bag

USA Made


There’s nothing more Americana than mixing tradition with some sweet, sweet innovation, which is exactly what the SoCal outfit Acorn Bags has accomplished with their latest Saddlebag design. ($139) By combining materials from century-old U.S. manufacturers, the husband-and-wife team at Acorn has revamped the cyclist-citizen’s toting ability. How so? Well for starters you won’t have to worry about this puppy rubbing your legs or squashing your brakes, and you sure don’t have to fret about losing your valuables to the road (if this bag had any more seal to it, we might start to worry about land-based shark attacks). And better yet, you get this easy rider in a topnotch look that echoes classic and sings something fresh. So whether you’re biking history on the Lewis & Clark bike trail or pressing rubber on the city pavement, be sure to ride with this swell and timeless piece of gear in tow.

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