Aebleskiver Pans – Lodge

USA Made


There are a lot of ways in the kitchen to just “get the job done,” like slapping pancake batter onto a skillet rather than a griddle, or, even crazier, baking muffins on a cookie sheet (yeah, we’ve actually seen this sad culinary mishap). But what people have to realize is that high quality, practical and long-lasting cooking wares are available to get the job done right, and the Aebleskiver Pans by Lodge are a perfect example. ($40.00) Located in Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee, and founded upon one hundred solid years of cooking mastery, the Lodge company has proven itself again and again with successful products and a self-demanded dedication to technology and conservation. Made from Lodge’s own seasoned cast iron, the Aebleskiver Pan is a classic Danish cake piece that will have you turning out deliciousness in a way that such deliciousness was absolutely meant to be delivered. We’re talking about a heaven of traditional Danish cake balls sourced straight from your oven, using time-tested specifications as provided by the gurus at Lodge. Another thing to note: when you’re ready to try something else out besides the Danish cakes, the Aebleskiver Pan is also heralded as a perfect cookware for crab-stuffed mushrooms and oysters Rockefeller.

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