Airplantman Rectangle Airplantframe

USA Made


“Hey Mary, how does your garden grow? Oh cool, mine grows sideways on a wall. Like a champ.” This is just one example of the comments you’ll be able to make once you get a hold on the rectangular Airplantframe by the Cali-horticulturalists at Airplantman. ($130.00) Rooted in main-man Josh Rosen’s natural gift of landscape artistry and architecture, the Airplantframe is a purely unique take on gardening, one that will provide not only a healthy environment for your plants of choosing, but an aesthetic piece of décor as well. Constructed from powder-coated aluminum and equipped with a stainless steel cable for hanging, your elevated flora has every opportunity to flourish in the sunlight, so long as you give them a spray of Adam’s ale every while and again. Just call it an aquatic toast to the more interesting things in life, such as the framed garden that hangs on your wall.

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