Alberta Table Lamps – Caravan Pacific

USA Made


The Alberta Table Lamps ($500) – Light has become an essential detail in all of our homes. It gives us the comfort of clarity and the appearance of warmth. It’s easy to flip a switch or press a button, and – like that – our whole visual experience, our whole perception of home is changed by light. It is illuminated. So, how do we address something that is so commonplace? How do we make it unique so that it speaks to and for us? No doubt these were all considerations for Shannon Guirl of Caravan Pacific. Caravan Pacific operates out of Portland, Oregon, and offers a number of beautiful, modern fixtures. Guirl, the company’s founder, was previously unsatisfied by her work as a television editor, and left her job to pursue the kinesthetic, creative art of woodturning. By combining her skills with those of other American woodcrafters and ceramists, she was able to create many soulful, vibrant pieces that speak to the eclectic, wanderer soul. The Alberta Table Lamps ($500) are turned, hand-poured and fired by American artists. It comes in six color/wood combinations, but every lamp is made from FSC-certified wood, smoothly glazed stoneware, and high quality linen. The Alberta Lamps are a larger piece, making it a noticeable and bold addition to the space. The lines are clean and striking, making it every bit of a modern piece, but the combination of clay and wood is primal and sensible, reigning it back from ostentation. The Alberta Table Lamps cast a confident shadow, but flip the switch and feel its warm glow.

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