Appalatch Tall Mountain Crossing Socks

USA Made


Just think about the last time you had to waddle through the day while yanking again and again on the cuffs of some annoying socks that simply would not stay put. It’s enough to drive a person crazy, but such misery can be dismissed if you slap on a pair of Appalatch Tall Mountain Crossing Socks. ($15.00) Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Appalatch has dedicated itself not only to the appreciation and use of 100% American-made materials, but also to the production of high-quality goods for each and every customer. Made from a unique and highly durable yarn composition, the Tall Mountain Crossing Sock hits the Appalatch mark of professionalism perfectly, so rest assured that the snugness of this knee-high design will last from morning until night, despite whatever the mountain might put in your way.

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