Apple Watch Charging Stand – DODOcase

USA Made


The future is now available for wearing on your wrist. Or, at least, a really futuristic present tense is, thanks to the tech-savvy Apple Watch (launching in 2015), and to keep that device a runnin’ you could use the graciously simplistic, hand-crafted Apple Watch Charging Stand by San Fran-based DODOcase. ($60.00 – $80.00) Let’s touch on the basics here: the charging stand is constructed from California orchard walnut wood (and, we might add, ever so smoothly), with a carved inlet for running your charging wire and a magnetic housing mechanism that allows for easy placement and removal. Also, it’s equipped with a suction cup adhesive on the bottom to maintain steady charging stand location. As for the spicy details, DODOcase is ahead of the curve when it comes to complimenting the anxiously awaited Apple Watch, which means by the time the watch is available, everyone else will be playing catch up (including you, if you don’t jump on this opportunity to order yourself the stand).

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