Ascari Bicycles Copper 3 Speed

USA Made


Only the most devoted of manufacturers can manage to enamor their customers on multiple levels, in the sense that their product is flawless in more than one important way. Take for instance the Copper 3 Speed Bicycle by Ascari Bicycles, a piece of handmade brilliance that delivers its faultless results in both function and beauty. (Made to order – contact for pricing) The Copper 3 Speed is constructed in Portland, OR, with a sort of precision that mixes the customer’s every desire along with the company’s time-proven expertise on building stunning bikes, and the outcome is pure, unadulterated quality. But this really doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider the forces at work in the Ascari warehouse, namely, those forces of the impassioned beholder of fashion, Helio Ascari, combined with those of the equally as fervent frame-building mechanic, Gary Mathis. When these gents commenced their bike-building journey back in 2011, the objective was right to the point: to create a line of bicycles that contemplated both the ease of use and an aesthetic magnetism that would attract consumers in search for a superior riding machine. Well, these fellas accomplished that very aim in the Copper 3 Speed Bicycles, an American-made, clean-style bike made from hand brazed cro-moly tubing, with aluminum Ascari handlebars, leather gripping, brass brake levers and an assortment of other cold forged alloy. Basically, you’re getting the best of the best in this design and in these materials, which is exactly why you can expect this piece of machinery to last the ages. Also, with the choice of small, medium or large frames, the Copper 3 Speed is fit for anyone with a desire for perfection and a smooth, coasting ride.

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