Ball & Buck Store – Boston, MA

USA Made


Sometimes, it’s easy to find yourself swimming in nostalgia. Catch a whiff of sweet tobacco and fresh pressed peppermint, and suddenly you are transported through time and space to the lap of your grandfather. He is dressed in flannel, warm from the fire, and it is in this visceral moment that you understand what it looks, smells, and feels like to be a man. If you ever find yourself dreaming simpler times – of weatherworn skin and spirited vigor – then you might find the supplies you need at Ball & Buck. Ball & Buck, located in Boston’s Back Bay (144B Newbury St), is proud of their sportsman inspired, American made products. This small shop boasts of carefully researched and selected artisanal products, meant to last for generations. There is even a full service barbershop on site. Go ahead, emulate your heroes, and give your grandchildren something to be nostalgic about.

$8-$1,348 Buy Filed in: Men, Places