Balsam Pillows – Izola

USA Made


Balsam Pillows – Izola: Smells can take you places. Our olfactory sense is more closely linked to the limbic system than any other, which means that a whiff of coffee or bacon can evoke stronger memories of your mother’s kitchen then those conjured from a photograph. So, there is little wonder why we keep our personal spaces fresh, and free of offensive odor. We want our guests to have a pleasant response to the way we smell. For this reason, we find ourselves using scented detergents and plug-in air fresheners. But what if there’s a better, more natural way to make our homes smell good? The folks over at Izola considered this novel idea, and followed through by creating their Balsam Pillows ($24-$32). The outer material, made of 100% cotton, is soft to the touch, but durable enough to withstand many years of use. The printed designs are screened directly onto the fabric in black ink, and the neutral colors are perfect for any room. The genius though, is in the stuffing. Filled with the needles of the American Balsam Tree, these pillows are fragrant, and will keep your home or office smelling like the fresh, open outdoors. Your guests will take delight in their visits, and will associate your space with a woodsy, welcoming freshness.

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