Beach Checkers Set – Stanley & Sons

USA Made


We all know that checkers is the more laid back version of chess, and with the Beach Checkers Set by Stanley & Sons ($47.00), “laid back” is catapulted to a whole new level. Everything in this case is pretty self-explanatory, but we just have to give as much credit as possible to any company that strives to make the beach even more enjoyable than it already is. As for the New Yorkers at Stanley & Sons, its goals aren’t only to make your life more interesting or enjoyable, but to do it in a way that honors the legacy of a company dedicated to producing the best American-made goods out there, and while the Beach Checkers Set might only seem like a game, it speaks to a greater integrity. The set includes a 100% cotton checker board (available in various colors) with hand-sewn hemmed edges, along with the traditional 24-count collection of handmade ceramic game pieces, each with a glazed top and S&S stamped bottom. If you think these are dry specs that only outline a form of amusement, then you’ll need to reconsider the actual labor of love that goes into each seam on the checkered quilt, into each unique game piece, because those ideas are what make this sort of beach gaming truly fun.

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