Beeswax-dipped Bordeaux – Trubee Honey

USA Made


Like a snowflake, no two batches of the Trubee Honey Beeswax-dipped Bordeaux ($22) are exactly alike. The painstaking process these Tennessee farmers take to ensure a unique, delicious taste and peak quality is as impressive as the highly stylized 9 oz. Italian glass ice wine bottle Trubee’s newest product comes in. The neck of the bottle is hand dipped in unbleached beeswax and sealed. It’s the total package and just asking to be gifted for a holiday present or to the host/hostess at a casual get together. It’s fitting that this product comes in a wine bottle; Trubee’s principals bring to the table about as much knowledge and experience working with honey as the most expert wine connoisseur. If you don’t believe us, just check out one of their blog posts describing the distinct flavors and compositions of their various other products. This labor of love yields the raw taste distinct to each vintage.

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