Best Made Co. Front Loading Toolbox

USA Made


Attention all engineers, machinists, hobbyists, tinkerers, and anyone else who might have a set of tools or knick-knacks looking for a spot-welded home: take your gander at this exemplary piece of American-made brawn, the Front Loading Toolbox by the New York company Best Made Co. ($94.00) This stowage device is a remarkable collaboration of ingenuity and a 5-decade-tested engineering process that resulted in a new take on the typical toolbox clutter. The biggest beauty is this: No more worries about yanking out the top tray of your box in search for a buried wrench or a sunken ratchet bit, because, as the name foretells, Best Made has installed a frontloading door that will open up the threshold into your sacrosanct medley of tools with two simple flicks of the wrist. It’s now that easy, folks. And on top of this brilliant feature, the Front Loader is constructed with heavy-duty, powder-coated metal that should last you a lifetime and then some, so enlist one of these glossy reds on your tool shed roster and get to building.


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