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Everybody knows the feeling of a craving for the sweets, that undeniable urge to pop a chocolate or gummy or any other little sugary gobber into your mouth and let the waves of enjoyment ensue. For this reason we must share with you the Best O’ Quin candies collection of candies from Quin, the Portland-based provider of our favorite candied concoctions. ($16.00) Humans have been infatuated with sweet morsels since the beginning of history, from the Aztecs to the Victorians and onward to the regular gumdrop-lovers of today, and Quin’s owner/chief-candy-maker Jami Curl intends to keep that love for skillfully crafted yummies continuing for years to come. The Best O’ Quin assortment comes with the company’s best-selling candies, which include lollipops, caramels, chocolate Twizzie Rolls and more. Like all of Quin’s candies, the lollipops are made ever-so diligently with top-notch ingredients sourced from several locations throughout the U.S., the caramels are mixed of fresh cream, butter and Oregon sea salt, and the Twizzie Rolls are composed of an admittedly addictive formula for chocolate. And the Best O’ Quin candies come with even more delectable doses of deliciousness, all of which are made purely by hand using ingredients such as all-natural fruits and community-produced honey. These morsels are also hand-packaged, which means even the wrapper they come in will be a delicately placed product of tenderness and an unprecedented passion for candy making.


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