Big Sur Cabin Spray – Juniper Ridge

USA Made


Big Sur Cabin Spray – Juniper Ridge: Smell is the strongest sense linked to memory, and, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to explore the coastal wonderland that is California’s Big Sur, you’ll surely want to channel those memories as vividly and often as you can. Juniper Ridge captured a portable piece of America’s most beautiful backcountry that you can take home with you with their Big Sur Cabin Spray ($35). This olfactory-enticing fragrance isn’t just a name-checking perfume, the 2 oz. small batch was distilled using plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and other naturals found hiking around Big Sur. Since the spray is 100% natural and 100% American-made, this “mountain in a bottle” captured in NorCal and bottled in Oakland infuses the essence of Americana into a pleasing scent you’ll likely wish to keep around for a good long while. The final product is created entirely in-house at Juniper Ridge’s shop and therefore, each batch is specially numbered and somewhat unique from the next, giving each special bottle a fleeting and varied quality.


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