BirdProject Soap – Matter Inc.

USA Made


When it comes to disasters, New Orleans has faced its fair share, and in 2010 the BP oil spill was clearly no exception. But in the face of calamity, New Orleans always rises back up to the unique and upbeat city defined by its history, and the BirdProject Soap by Matter Inc. ($28.00) is a perfect commemoration to the city’s sense of rebirth. What you receive in the box is a soap sculpture shaped into a sleek black bird, or at least that’s what you might think comes in the box. The truly intriguing aspect of this product, however, is what lies beneath the layer of black soap, and the message that it brings: what you’ll find beneath the soap is a white ceramic bird, revealed bit by bit with each use of the soap, at once delivering by the simplistic act of washing your hands the message of restoration and recovery in the aftermath of what was undoubtedly a national wound. And yes, the fact that Matter Inc. has taken charge to provide a more creative, artistic light upon disaster is in itself an admirable action, but what’s most impressive about the BirdProject is the fact that 50% of all proceeds are donated to environmental cleanup and wildlife care in the aftermath of the oil spill – to date, that’s $21,000 raised and contributed, and every white bird that you free is another gesture in the revitalization of our nation’s southern coast.

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