Black Mingo Knives – Williams Knife Co.

USA Made


If you’ve ever cut an onion or sliced a tomato, you should know that high-quality knives do a world of difference in the cutting process. Located on John’s Island, South Carolina, the crew at Williams Knife Company has dedicated their business to ensuring that exact sort of top quality blade that will last a lifetime as your most reliable chopping tool, and The Black Mingo knives are perhaps the most beautiful piece of cutlery in their entire stockpile. ($750.00) Just once glance at the blade is sure to catch your attention, that gorgeous layered carbon Damascus steel portraying a truly artistic marbled effect that would provoke envy from even the most humbled Samurai. And the attraction doesn’t stop there: you get to custom order your Black Mingo knife with a wooden handle of your choice (from honestly too many wood-types to count, including African Blackwood to Ziricote and dozens in between), as well as your choice of other trimming décor that will appear on the knife’s handle. No matter what handle you go with, this piece of cutlery – 12.25” with a 7.5” blade – is going straight to the top of whatever knife set you might already have, and not only because of its looks, but more importantly because of its unbeatable capacity to perform (remember, this blade is honed by award winning knife designer, Chris Williams, which means you better keep your eye directly on that onion or tomato, or else you might lose a fingertip). As a final note, the Black Mingo Knives are made to order, so it might take a little while to get your blade, but we assure you it will be well worth the wait.

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