Black Trench Boots – Oak Street Bootmakers

USA Made


When delivered with the proper sense, there’s room for ruggedness in high style, as proven here by Oak Street Bootmakers with their Black Dainite Trench Boots. ($462.00) The Chicago crew at Oak Street Bootmakers has its hands deeply buried in decades worth of the utmost level of quality craftsmanship, as it was founded by designer George Vlagos who grew up apprenticing at his father’s shop starting at a very early age. Now, the bootmaking outfit rightfully boasts a U.S.-made credo along with a handful of shoemakers who’ve been, basically, drafted into the big leagues of boot craft. As a result, we get to feast our feet on the Black Dainite, made from black Horween Chromexcel leather, a highly esteemed source-material that is renowned for its eighty-nine-step inception that leads to a simplistic, durable, and exceptional shape. Beneath that Chromexcel are the Dainite outsoles and heels, which provide comfort and protection, as well as a strikingly convenient easy-cleaning. Other aspects of note: the black Dainite is built with true Goodyear Welt contruction, a stacked leather heel, and calfskin vamp lining. So if you’re ever in the market for a pair of shoes ensured for a lifetime’s worth of wear, you won’t likely find a more suitable boot on this big round rock.


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