Black Walnut Razor Handles – Owen and Fred

USA Made


Black Walnut Wood Razor Handles – Owen and Fred.  Let’s face it guys, you’re going to be dragging a razor across your face from now until the end of the line. So why not reevaluate and reform your whole shaving operation? Suffice it to say, the standard razor handle is in dire need of an upgrade and the notably tasteful Black Walnut Wood Razor Handles ($59) from Owen and Fred is the stuff of the smoothest of operators (we can see a certain 007 having one of these in his arsenal). Elegantly buffed and expertly finished, the handle has a classic deep chocolate brown shade and at 1 oz., it’s weighted to perfection. As it’s Massachusetts-based creators point out, the handle “does not look like it was created for a space mission” and while we’re on that subject, what’s with that? Shaving in space seems like a stressful and potentially (physically and emotionally) scarring experience, but we digress…Whether purchased as a killer gift for your man or as a step in the right direction on your mission to become a little more like James Bond, this product is bound to please for the long haul.

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