Blackbox Bamboo Case

USA Made

Blackbox_Case_Mac Book Pro Case

Like yourself, all tech-savvy vagabonds are looking for the best way to protect their Mac Books from the dangers of the travel-sphere. Well, now it’s time to panda-proof your device. Correct, we said “panda-proof,” and we base this unprecedented quality on the totally cool design given to us by the engineers at Blackbox Case. Hailing from Golden, CO, this grassroots business has been hammering out hardwood Apple cases in droves, and they’ve just revealed their latest bit of deliciousness (for your device, not for the pandas). Enter the Bamboo 16” Mac Book Pro Case, a lightweight and uncrushable defense to water, coffee, and many constituents of the animal kingdom. ($139.00-$189) Built from homegrown products, this sleek and durable development will provide a perfect fit for your precious digital content, and they’ll even laser engrave a name or logo of your choosing. As of now this product is available on Kickstarter, so get your order in and prepare to protect your tech. (Disclaimer: the Bamboo case will not protect your laptop from unwarranted government surveillance).

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