BlazenBlock – Plow & Hearth

USA Made


The quintessential scene of a group of outdoor-loving folks enjoying a crisp, well-made bonfire is now available for your own personal experience thanks to the ladies and gents at Plow & Hearth, who’ve come up with the BlazingBlock Portable Outdoor Wood Bonfire. ($29.95 each, or $24.95 each if you purchase two or more) Picture all the hands being warmed, all the coffee tins and skillets steady scrambling eggs, and, perhaps most importantly, all the s’mores steady roasting above that self-contained camp fire of yours: this picture is one of the main ingredients to any outlooker and ongoer of the American outdoors, and so long as you have a fireproof surface, all you’ll need to pack with the rest of your gear is the USA-made, natural southern yellow pine BlazingBlock. No more need to head out and try to find whatever scrub brush or sticks you can muster for a fire, no more waiting for wet fallen limbs to dry out – simply set a match to the stick of included Fatwood and place it in the chimney hole on top of the BlazingBlock, and enjoy at least 3 hours of solid burn time. Made with the environment in mind, Plow & Hearth left the chemicals and accelerants behind when designing the BlazingBlock, with all its fire power bundled up into a 10” x 10” x 12” box.

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