Boardshorts – Iron & Resin

USA Made

boardshorts-iron-and-resinThe Iron & Resins boardshorts collection ($72) are informed by the 70’s / 80’s SoCal garage culture the company’s founders grew up in and the shop’s pristine oceanside surroundings in Ventura, CA. These classic boardshorts are sized just right: neither too baggy nor too slim-fitting and sitting just above the knee. All designs are composed of a super soft, yet tough fabric (whether 100% polyester or accented by a Nylon Flat Finish Flight Satin) and these should be able to endure even the gnarliest surf and digs into the sand. The line of designs range from classic stripes (Revival Stripes) to Hawaiian (Cooper Aloha) to something with more of a “striking” flourish (Team Bolt). Whichever threads you zero in on, you’ll be pleased with the durability and design sensibilities that go in to delivering a cool and consistently quality product.

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