Bowman Wallets – Sweettrade

USA Made


When it comes to the basic accoutrements required in everyday life, more often than not, simplicity truly is bliss, stylistically speaking. SweetTrade’s cool and compact Bowman Wallets ($70) come from a small studio shop in the Warren, Rhode Island and is large enough for the bare essentials (credit card – check; driver’s license – check; a few bills – check, etc…). The wallets are vegetable-tanned leather sourced from the Pennsylvania-based Wicket & Craig shop and hand-stitched in the color of your choice. Each Bowman is functionally and fashionably accented by a ¾” solid brass Ligne snap closure and double brass rivets. Additionally, the solid brass shackle on top is strategically placed to carry your keys or other attachables. Noble and committed in their efforts to design, source and produce their products here in the US, SweetTrade is off to a eyebrow-raising start with their initial collection. Anchor your essentials down with this coastally-inspired small shop’s latest product.

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