Buffalo Straps – Broken Homme

USA Made


No guy’s pair of pants is really complete without a proper belt around that waist, and since you’ve got to snag one anyway you might as well go with a fashionable strap made from the hide of one of America’s most archetypal animals. Greetings, then, to the Buffalo Straps by Broken Homme ($40.00), a D-ring style belt made from smoothly tanned Grey Buffalo leather. Broken Homme is a Long Beach-based enterprise that identifies itself with absolute quality and character, and although it might be more readily known for collections of gritty yet elegant leather footwear, their take on belts is equally as excellent and captivating. The Buffalo Straps are just that: they have the right balance of simplicity and appeal, they will provide for any fitting you might please, and they’ll also have you looking like you know how to effectively supplement those trousers in your closet. And these belts aren’t the kind that will tear on you after a couple years of use, either – if your whip was stuck in a mud-slinging or sand dune sort of pinch, the Buffalo Straps are probably sturdy enough to tow your car right out of that mess (although our recommendation is primarily for the belt’s rugged-meets-sexy fashion appeal). Basically, you’re getting material of the highest grade and good looks, so be happy and wear those pants with confidence.

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