Buffalo Trace Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

USA Made


Bourbon. Bourrrrbon. Just the word alone elicits a sentiment for American hill-country, for the brilliant and headlong journey from creek-side shine to award-winning reserves. And when it comes to winning awards, The Original Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey has plenty experience. ($48.00 – $56.00) Based on Colonel Blanton’s keen observation of the special aging idiosyncrasies in the middle section of warehouse H, this bottle turns out an incredibly smooth pour of whiskey that delivers hints of citrus, vanilla and caramel. It’s likely that if you’ve ever entertained an interest in bourbon, you’ve heard of the Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace distillery, and like any intelligent and of-age taster, you’ve enjoyed some of its amber offspring. But if for any reason you have yet to indulge, it’d be wise to introduce your palate to one of the finest forms of this country’s only native spirit, the Blanton’s Single Barrel.

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