Carolina Crop – Stone Cold Fox

USA Made


Somewhere in California there are two treasure-chest minds behind the graceful product line of Stone Cold Fox, which, among many other beautiful garments, includes this utterly sexy Carolina Crop. ($265.00) These minds we speak of belong to lead designer Cydney Morris and production manager Dallas Wand, a duo that goes as far back as the second grade and a tandem that believes most firmly in the quality over quantity mantra. One product of their long-time friendship and their dedication to strength of character is the Carolina Crop, a sultry slice of clothing that hails from vintage inspiration and one that fits in stylishly under the sun or moon, in rain or shine. Designed with short sleeves, a top collar and buttons running the length of the front, it’s easy to tell that this lacey look does the body good. And sure, the brand is (aptly) named Stone Cold Fox, but the animal that might more likely arise from your wearing of this piece will be the wolves, whistling howling like mad at the sight of you.

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