The Casper Mattress – Casper

USA Made


Sleep is wholesome. We are our best, healthiest selves when we are sleeping well. Gen Suzuki, Jeff Chapin, and Neil Parikh of Casper know the value of the unconscious state, and have studied with various reputable institutions like NASA and the Gates Foundation in order to better understand our nocturnal schedule, and to work to improve its quality. With their combined ingenuity, they came up with the Casper Mattress ($500-$950). The Casper Mattress utilizes the benefits of memory foam, cupping the contours of the form, and giving firm, yet comfortable support. What separates the Casper Mattress from other memory foam models is its second layer. The minds at Casper created a premium, latex foam layer that lies on top of the memory foam, providing a flexible surface that does not hold heat like those of competitive brands. The mattress compresses easily so that it is easy to move and store. While some of the materials are imported from Belgium, the Casper mattress is assembled and hand sewn in the U.S. The mattress is offered for a 40 day trial period, so give a warm welcome to the Sandman and get some sleep!


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