Chemex Coffee

USA Made


It’s not hard to imagine a device from the Chemex® Classic Series line put to use in a mad scientist like Bill Nye or Walter White’s sterile laboratory or artfully displayed in a boutique shop or art gallery. However, once you experience the taste of coffee in it’s purest form, you’ll want to use the Chemex everyday. With prices ranging from $37-45, subtle elegance and high-line functionality are achievable on a budget and the offerings range from three, six, eight to ten cup versions depending on how much joe you and your crew generally require. The shimmering polished wood collar and leather tie are a nice design accent to the compact devices (none are taller than 9 1/4” or wider than 5 1/8”). The original Chemex coffeemaker is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC and the end product is as pure as the design is impressive. Finally, those picking up a coffeemaker or two may also want to look into the tiny two-piece Handblown Cream & Sugar Set.


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