Cherner Armchair

USA Made


There’s an undeniably tantalizing nature about well-made and refined furniture, something that begs an onlooker to have a seat, just have a seat. Undoubtedly, the Armchair by Cherner is no exception to this sort of attractive charm. ($1,029.00) Based upon the original 1958 design by the form-furniture pioneer Norman Cherner, this 100% American-made armchair reissue is as much a piece of fine art as anything else hanging on museum walls. We’ll admit, it’s certainly difficult to see elegance when looking at a sheet of plywood, but Cherner saw beyond such boredom and molded this four-legged beauty so that we could entertain both our eyes and our behinds at the same time. With a finely laminated wood base and option for upholstered seat pads, the Cherner Armchair is a perfect fit for the art-appreciator and general seat-taker.

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