Chocolate Bars – Ritual Chocolate

USA Made


Most everyone knows one of life’s undeniable truths: chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. Going beyond simply what’s available by the checkout counter at your local grocer is a wise idea when indulging for a number of reasons. It’s refreshing to see companies like Denver, CO’s Ritual Chocolate Bars ($6.75 each) distilling things down to the basics and, in the process, creating a delicious array alternative chocolate bars using only two basic ingredients: cacao and sugar. A process of refinement that is both attentive and labor intensive helps these bars retain their flavors. You can read more about the the nitty gritty details of the entire process from cacao bean sorting all the way to aging (three weeks and sometimes longer for each batch). The collection of bars source their organic cacao from countries to the south like Belize (producing flavors of dried fig, cherry and a hint of tobacco), Costa Rica, Madagascar and more. Craft chocolate may just become the next big thing, and Ritual Chocolate’s product line is a tasty place to start.

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