Chopsticks – Hank by Henry

USA Made


Get a grip people: if you’re like us and enjoy pho, sushi, ramen and any other chopstick-worthy culinary delights way-too-many-times-a-month-to-count, it’s probably high time that you upgrade your utensils of choice. The Hank by Henry Chopsticks Collection ($34-64) are painstakingly leafed by hand to ensure that each pair is somewhat individualized and visually striking. All of the chopsticks are made in pairs in Portland, OR sanded to ensure a smooth surface for eating. Moreover, each design in the collection has a unique inspiration. For example, the golden-ringed “Gorgo” is named after a Greek goddess and “Lela” is accented by bright coral and cornflower, blue painted texture and elegant copper detail. Plus, the chopsticks are totally non toxic and require very little maintenance and won’t splinter like the cheap disposables. Hot tip: just don’t leave submerged in water for an extended period of time.

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