Chrome Bravo Rolltop Backpack

USA Made


The Bay Area’s Chrome Industries is the “Original Maker of Bombproof Gear for living and riding the city” and the heavy duty design for the Bravo Ultimate Urban Rolltop ($160) backs up this claim. If you live to ride, you deserve gear that’ll survive any and all conditions and protect your gear whether you’re a savvy techie wielding a Macbook or an intrepid bike messenger moving a bevy of precious cargo all over town. Chrome’s mission is clear with the Rolltop and the execution plainly exhibited on the finished product is a sight to behold and strap on. The cross-compression shoulder straps form perfectly and when secured properly, won’t shift during the cruise. Finally, the niftiest trick for the Bravo is it’s ability to make like a Transformer and expand from a sleek 20L capacity during commute to a sizeable 40L for the unload. That’s ingenuity you can take advantage of every day with the help of this super radical and primo quality Rolltop. Cool, cool, cool.


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