Citizen Frederick – Frederick, MD

USA Made


Somewhere in the historical patchwork of Maryland lies a newborn establishment where men’s apparel and accessories have united under a harmonized theme of rustic masculinity and urban minimalism. That somewhere is the city of Frederick, and that establishment is Citizen Frederick, an enterprise set on providing your favorite denim, grooming supplies, luggage and more. (112 E Patrick Street) Within the walls of their showroom you’ll find a well curated collection of those products considered essential to the modern man, the kind of stuff that helps express the very definition of the man who wears or carries the goods. This collection includes top of the line goods from the denim-dreamers at 3sixteen, clothing from Cali-based outfitter Iron and Resin, luggage made by the design team at Owen & Fred, some of the most well-made grooming supplies from Imperial Barber Products, and plenty more wares from some of this country’s most adept manufacturers. There’s even a niche in the business for specialized edge wood furniture, provided by fellow Marylanders and impassioned woodworkers at Kurtz & Atkins Design Company. With all of these preeminent brands serving as evidence, it’s pretty clear the gentlemen behind the magic at Citizen Frederick want to bestow upon the local menswear market those certain attires and commodities that you’ll spend the next few decades (perhaps longer) claiming to be your favorites. And they’ve made it so incredibly easy that you can even start practicing before you walk through the doors, just repeat the following: “these are my favorite jeans, these are my favorite shirts, this is absolutely the coolest table I’ll ever own.”


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