Clyde Dress – Imogene and Willie

USA Made


There’s a comfort in the styles established by our predecessors. The older we get, the more we notice that music, art – to wit, all forms of creative expression – are cyclical, and fashion is no exception. We take what we love from our elders, and add a little bit of ourselves in order to recreate true quality for our generation. That is what Matt and Carrie Eddmenson believe, and it is the idea that they seek to embody through their company, Imogene and Willie, and their line of high-quality fashion apparel. The Imogene and Willie Clyde Dress ($225) is just one example of the company’s grassroots, Americana style. Combining the collective experience of multiple generations, the designers created a piece that is not only playful and tomboy-ish, but it also beautifully accentuates the feminine form. This and every piece by Imogene and Willie has a depth of style that can only be achieved through legacy. So, try it on, and recall what it is about familiarity that was found so enchanting in the first place.

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