Rancourt & Co Clymer Boots

USA Made


The masters at Rancourt and Company have delivered handmade treats for the feet from their shop in Maine for three generations and their Clymer Boots ($320) delivers on the promise of achieving podiatric bliss throughout the brunt of winter. Rancourt’s intent focus is on maximizing comfort with a form-fitting boot that only gets better with age. Available in both chromexcel and Clymer’s own Tucson bison leather, these boots aren’t built until you order them (allow three weeks for delivery). By focusing on direct-to-consumer service and allowing for customization while ordering, the experience of buying any Rancourt product differentiates this shoemaker from the competition. Heirloom-quality right out of the box, the Clymer is a sight to behold…and throw on.

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