Cold Brew Coffee (2 pack) – Seaworth Coffee

USA Made


It’s never good to skimp on the essentials of life so why wouldn’t you demand anything less than the absolute top-notch quality out of something as routine as your daily cup of coffee? Seaworth’s 32 oz Single Fin Sludge cold brew coffee concentrate comes straight to your door from SoCal in a nifty classic growler (bottled in Los Angeles). The “sludge” is brewed right on the Newport Peninsula and the nearby crashing waves act as the muse for Seaworth’s signature product. One bottle makes approximately 8 drinks (there’s also a 12 oz size), give or take one or two and it’s always brewed fresh and bottled cold to ensure the maintenance of the highest quality taste while in transit from the bluffs of Orange County to your fridge. Plus, every step in the process is sourced within 45 miles of the coffee maker’s headquarters, a fact that We Shop American can really get behind. A powerful and flavorful fuel to compel you to such great heights, Single Fin Sludge offers up a cool cup that’s got our full attention.

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