Color Block Candles – Standard Wax

USA Made


You can consider the formation of Standard Wax as a company a serendipitous accident. The company got its start simply making holiday gifts for friends and has channeled a growing passion into their products like the Color Block Collection of scented candles ($26). The candles come in an attractive raw ceramic container and are made of soy wax delivering an approximate burn time of 75 hours for scents ranging from Citrus and Black Currant to Sage and Pomegranate. By transforming everyday items into something fragrant and visually appealing, the Phoenix-based duo that comprises this small operation strives to deliver a one-of-a-kind, handmade American product to each customer, promising that no two will be alike and will function as a standalone piece of art long after the candle has burned out and the wax inside has melted down. The stated goal of repurposing their products (“our goal is to create individual pieces of art for you to enjoy long after the flame is gone”) for secondary use comes with basic instructions on the company’s website. Moreover, if you want to keep the olfactory hues filling your nasal cavities with joy after the initial candle is gone, refill kits are available for each product in the collection.

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