Concho Wing Earrings – The 2Bandits

USA Made


The secret to beautiful jewelry lies in the striking of a balance, in achieving an equilibrium of elegance and simplistic charm that can only be attained by the artistic execution of an accomplished artisan. Well, Tamar Wider – founder of The 2Bandits – is that accomplished artisan, and the Concho Wing Earrings are an example of that beautiful jewelry. ($110.00) But we didn’t even need to tell you that, because you have eyes of your own and you can surely perceive here in these exquisite earrings the grace of antique silver meeting the bohemian enchantment of earthly stone, all designed within a symmetric semi-circle of one especially identifiable style. Also, you’re free to pick your choice of moonstone, Mohave green turquoise or Howlite turquoise when making your purchase, all of which are sourced from areas in the U.S.
The 2Bandits is an undoubted example of Americana, both in style and in its production process. Firstly, the aesthetics are all about the country’s Southwestern influences, and secondly the brand has a commitment to stay local in the Golden State of California, where all manufacturing of jewelry occurs. More than likely, these are the aspects of the rustic-yet-refined jeweler that mostly define her company’s identity, in the sense that Wider has remained devoted throughout the years to the story she knows best – get to know the world around you, to know it and believe it and respect it, and the natural beauty of your surroundings will unfold free-spiritedly in the creative process.

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