Cornwall Beard Oil

USA Made


Okay, so Briana Juliano doesn’t have a beautiful beard that might have inspired her to endeavor for a perfectly blended, handcrafted beard oil. But her husband Tommy does have that kind of enviable face-mane, and as a team they’ve created the organic, all-natural Cornwall Beard Oil. ($16.00) Set in the wooded Northwest region of Connecticut, Cornwall Beard Oil has been working on its chemical-free care products since November 2013, exploring during that time the ins and outs of their mutual aromatherapy/herbology interests. What they discovered was a healthy, face-loving balance of the perfect oils for maintaining a smooth and healthy beard, which is accomplished with ingredients such as sweet almond oil, balsam fir needle, plus a few other dips and dashes for Mother Nature’s perfect recipe. Another goal of team-Juliano was to come up with a mixture that wouldn’t leave your skin with an unwanted coat nasty oil residue, which is another reason the Cornwall Beard Oil is a top-quality product, through and through. But perhaps the most sincere aspect of Cornwall Beard Oil is their appreciation for the natural occurrences of America’s New England region. For example, they’ve gone ahead and bypassed the typical highly fragrant, perfumey feature of most beard oils for a scent that is dictated purely by the natural inspirations of the natural New England ingredients. That is to say, your beard might just be described as a New England forest on a cool winter night, and clearly you’d be honored to hear it.


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