CountyComm Embassy Pen

USA Made


Who on earth (or in space) would want to write under water or in zero-gravity? Exactly – Everybody would.  At least everybody who wants to prove they’re hardcore, which is why you need to get your paws on this, The Embassy Pen constructed by CountyComm. ($54.95) Made from a Type 3 anodized aluminum casing, with a stainless steel clip and pen innards modeled by freakin scientists, the Embassy pen is a compact, failsafe package of pure utilitarian achievement.  And you don’t even have to be an astronaut or paratrooper to use one, you can be a disc-jockey or an accountant or a waiter or anything else with an intermitted need to jot things down.  But believe this, you’ll be an even more hardcore DJ, accountant or waiter for using the Embassy Pen, because it’s just rigidly cool, and because it’s based in envelope-pushing American ingenuity.

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