Courier Saddle Bags – Tanner Goods

USA Made


Sometimes you’ve just got to get going, and the less you have to nab before you go the better. Then again, just because you want to grab fewer things doesn’t mean you want to leave empty-handed (i.e., without your wallet, glasses, phone, etc.), which is why the conveniently shaped Courier Saddle Bags by Tanner Goods are a solid bet for all cyclists. ($125.00) Located in Portland, Oregon, the Tanner Goods facility presents this fundamental piece of bike accessorizing in the made-to-order fashion, each one made from a combination of 10 oz. soft canvas and tough 18 oz. twill. Inside the Saddle Bags you’ll find one larger pocket for that handy set of tire-replacement tools, and a second smaller pocket for, let’s say, your keys or your favorite marble (whatever the fitting cargo may be, the simply executed Saddle Bags will make like a crazy ex and hold tight). As for connectability to your frame, an attentively designed leather strap and double-ring system will allow you to position the bag onto your bike as you find it to be most effective, and this system will also provide for easy placement and removal so you can take your belongings with you even when you hop off the cruiser. So, if you’re wanting to avoid rashy wallet rubs or the general dropping of things from your pockets while riding your bike across the paths of life, the hand-made Courier Saddle Bags are every bit of necessity you’ll be needing, without a bit extra, unnecessary rubbish.

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