Coventry Stool – Studio DUNN

USA Made


Furniture-building is one of those areas of manufacturing that demands respect for traditional practices, as well as for the practices of constructive modernism, and this balance (quite literally) is perfectly evident with the Coventry Stool by the Rhode Islanders at Dunn. ($530.00) Made from your pick of American walnut, cherry, or ash wood, this super fine piece of décor and functionality combines time-tested joinery methods with those with contemporary engineering in mind, resulting in an honest, natural raw elegance that will punctuate your furnishings as a side table piece or as a place to take a restful sit (custom woods also available upon request). As with all wooden Dunn products, the material is finely treated with a long-lasting, water based protective coat that penetrates into the wood for an unbeatable spill-defeater. Ultimately, the piece speaks to originality in all of the best ways, and to centuries of craftsmanship and dutifully heeded heritage, all done with a mindset respecting minimal waste product and maximum attention towards the environment. Take some time to check out the specs, and you’ll find yourself rearranging your rooms just to make a new home for a new Coventry Stool.

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