Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T. System – Rogue Fitness

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In recent years, the ability to work out and stay fit has become much more accessible than it ever was in the past. Now, there’s no real need for the monthly gym membership – the world of fitness has basically moved into your living room. With the Crossover Symmetry H.I.I.T. System by Rogue Fitness (starting at $240.00), you’ll be well on your way to a smashing upper body with the guidance of Rogue Fitness’s training video and state-of-the-art equipment. Designed by top-tier physical therapy experts with a mind for the world’s most venerated performing athletes, the H.I.I.T. System is a safe and easily understandable way to facilitate and improve shoulder mechanics while reducing the risk of injury. All it takes is a quick set-up and your dedicated dose of self-motivation, then your overhead performance will start to flourish (note: you might want to invest in an ice therapy strap or two, but don’t worry, soreness is just weakness leaving the body). The basis for this structured strengthening protocol lies in the three phases of the Crossover Symmetry System – Activation, Recovery, and Plyometric – along with the high intensity scrapular strengthening program, IRON SCAP. So long as you remain diligent with your workouts, this combination of regiments will allow you to achieve maximum overhead performance, day in, day out. And don’t worry if you’re new to the training game, individual H.I.I.T. packages are available in three resistance levels, from Novice to Elite.

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