Custom Ping Pong Paddles – PaddleYou

USA Made


There’s a special place in our hearts for the classic recreational game of ping pong, as should be the case with anyone who has ever spent time at the table. So why not up the fun-meter with a custom made PaddleYou ping pong paddle. ($34.00) First of all, we readily admit (from our own experience) that you don’t have to be good at table tennis to have a good time slapping that little hollow bulb of joy back and forth. You just have to show up and play away, and with the custom designing technique developed by the lovely New Yorkers at PaddleYou, you get to show up in a whole new way. More precisely, you get to choose a personal photo of your liking, from your Instagram or Facebook account, or just upload any ole pic you have lying around the hard drive. Then, after uploading the image, you follow the super simple process of customizing the photograph that you’ve chosen, after which the pong gurus as PaddleYou print that customized photo right onto an ever-classic, Table Tennis Nation sandpaper paddle. So like we said, if you can’t have fun ponging away with a picture of your pet goldfish or your favorite cartoon character as some gnarly paddle-flair, then perhaps you should just stick to chess.

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