#dayinthelife with Bison


Today’s #dayinthelife spotlight is on Bison, a company specializing in well-crafted and precisely engineered leather goods and grooming products. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, co-founder Sebastian Sandersius developed the company  to stand 100% behind the things they make. “While leather is a natural material that will change with time and usage, our designs and construction are intended to last a lifetime,” says Sebastian. Follow Bison’s day in the life, and find out more about Sebastian’s inspiration and vision for the company.   Plus, be sure to REGISTER HERE for a chance to win two signature wallets from the company!



What’s the inspiration for your name?
The American Bison is an animal that represents many of the keystones of our brand: strength, elegance, and Made in USA.
What pushed you to start your own company?
We started this company because we believe in quality vs. quantity. So many consumer goods these days are made or designed with planned obsolescence.
Why did you choose your current product line?
We plan to manufacture many of the classic accessories for men such as double edge safety razors, straight razors and shoe shining kits but we started with wallet because it I have never owned a wallet that was build to last.  Most wallets on the market are lined with fabric and glued together.  We sourced our leather carefully and designed our wallets to be rugged without compromising elegance.
Where do you grab your inspiration for new ideas?
We get a lot of inspiration from Antique stores and seeing the great quality consumer products that used to be commonly made in the US.
What’s your goal for the company in the next 5 years…10 years?
We would like to increase production, expand our product line and become a brand known the world over for our products.  In 10 years time, we would like to start making products for women.
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your journey?
The most important lesson we have learned is to be patient and that success only comes with perseverance.
What key component has made your business successful?
Inward and outward branding has been very important to keep our goals and visions grounded.
Why is making by American hands important to you?
We believe that manufacturing and industrialism is empowering to a society.  We want to help improve the national economy and benefit our closest communities.
What ways have you benefited by focusing on “American-made”?
American-made is certainly ‘in style’ these days so we have gotten a lot of support and attention for focusing on American made.
What message would you like to give American consumers?
Always shop value and remember that the resources of Earth are finite; the consumer mentality of quality over quantity is important for our children and our children’s children.


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