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This #dayinthelife spotlight is with Canaan Heard, maker at Faulk.  The company been supremely crafted for over 57 years. Internationally known and still a complete source for quality, service and craftsmanship. Faulks only uses the highest quality select woods and other materials for their calls. All calls are hand tuned and individually tested for the authentic tones hunters are looking for. Check out what makes Canaan and the company continue the legacy of “Patin” Faulk, their interview below, plus REGISTER HERE for your chance at winning a Faulk call and Faulk cap.



1. What’s the inspiration for your name?

My grandfather named the business after his family name: Faulk.


2. What pushed you to start your own company?

My grandfather grew up working alongside his father, my great grandfather, who was a professional trapper and guide. My grandfather enjoyed hunting and making calls, and he eventually took over the business from my great grandfather. As the new business owner, my grandfather created a full line of calls.


3. Why did you choose your current product line?

Our current line reflects the needs of hunters. I hunt all over the US, which gives me a unique opportunity to see firsthand what hunters are looking for and design the best products to meet their needs.


4. Where do you grab your inspiration for new ideas?

Our products are classic. Models crafted 50 years ago continue to surpass others in today’s market. Even so, we consistently stay on top of trends in the hunting community and gather feedback from our customer base to ensure that we continue to have the best product out there.


5. What’s your goal for the company in the next 5 years…10 years?

Our goals are: to continue producing the highest quality hand-tuned calls in the industry, continue to expand our customer reach domestically and internationally, and build relationships with the next generation of hunters.


6. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your journey?

I’ve learned that carrying on a family business, while exciting and rewarding, requires extreme dedication and resourcefulness. I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter several individuals who hunted with my grandfather, and even some who hunted with my great grandfather. These encounters make me incredibly proud to carry on a family businesses that hunters trust and appreciate.


7. What key component has made your business successful?

Our calls are made out of the best materials and are all hand-tuned before they leave the shop. I believe hand-tuning each call is very important and ensures the top quality of our product.


8. Why is making by American hands important to you?

America was founded on hard work and dedication. We are a small family owned company that employs our friends and neighbors. I take great pride in being able to keep America working.



9. What ways have you benefited by focusing on “American-made”?

Many Americans are looking for American-made products. We exemplify a homegrown business with American-made products, which appeals to the hunting community.


10. What message would you like to give American consumers?

Faulks Game Calls has been in the Faulk family for 4 generations and has been around since 1951. We believe in quality American-made and hand-tuned calls that will last a life time. Our family believes in this country: its citizens, its traditions, its work ethic and its pride. We want to keep America pushing forward. We also want to inspire the next generation of hunters with quality products and a better hunting experience.



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