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Today’s #dayinthelife spotlight is on SHELTER, a company offering well-crafted, beautiful, and thoughtful designs that are elegant, rustic, and timeless.  Karie Reinertson and Robert Maddox, owners of SHELTER, have diverse yet complementary talents of illustration, painting, architecture, environmental design, and sustainable design. Their mission, as free spirited as the makers, plays out an open story that offers a positive outcome no matter the path – “a collective of generalists tending towards towards these specializations: design, craft, painting, leather work, sewing, cabin building, woodworking, drawing, walks in beautiful settings, alchemy, the art of listening, and more. We’re adding to the list everyday.” Check out their interview below, plus REGISTER HERE for your chance at winning a SHELTER purse.



1. What’s the inspiration for your name?

The name SHELTER came about when my partner Rob and I wanted to start a design firm that would house all of our generalist interests. I like the feeling of SHELTER being a protective space for all of those interests.


2. What pushed you to start your own company?

I had been making apparel, handbags, and all sorts of other value-added products for most of my conscious life and when we were living in Vermont. When we moved to the mountains of North Carolina I had just decided to turn down a graduate program in Landscape Architecture at my dream school and felt like I wanted a new project that would focus all of my interests. Rob and I knew from the moment we met that we would work together, so we figured it was time to make that happen.


3. Why did you choose your current product line?

I have always been drawn to the tactile qualities of leather and textiles.


4. Where do you grab your inspiration for new ideas?

Travel, nature, architecture.


5. What’s your goal for the company in the next 5 years…10 years?

Rob and I are opening a retail space in our studio (7 Brevard Rd, Asheville NC) named SHELTER COLLECTIVE on April 22nd which will feature many local and national designers, artists, and craftspeople. Beyond that, we hope to expand into a full service interdisciplinary design firm And build our own home, of course.


6. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your journey?

Trust yourself. Each decision you make is not only a representation of your business, but of yourself.


7. What key component has made your business successful?

Presence, care for design, and connection with our customers.


8. Why is making by American hands important to you?

I feel fortunate that folks can see the items that they purchase being made and the care and time that goes into each product. They are helping to continue a long line of American art and craft by buying US made.


9. What ways have you benefited by focusing on “American-made”?

Many of our customers want to keep jobs here in America and feel closer to the products that they buy.


10. What message would you like to give American consumers?

When you buy from American designers and makers, not only are you supporting that one person or company, you are supporting the future of American design. It is something to be loved, respected and fortified.



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