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Today’s #dayinthelife spotlight is on WOODCHUCK.  The company is constantly changing the way people think of materials used with today’s technology, by developing unique products of wood and other natural materials .  Through the vision of Ben VandenWymelenberg, the passion for the outdoors clearly shows in the materials they use to make their authentic products. By reviving pride in products, design, and manufacturing, Ben aims to make more than just a successful company out of WOODCHUCK – Check out his interview below, plus REGISTER HERE for your chance at winning a WOODCHUCK Journal.



1. What’s the inspiration for your name?

The inspiration for the name WOODCHUCK came as many great ideas do, when you least expect it. As our Founder and CEO night golfed and had a few casual beers with a friend Chuck, they began to brainstorm names (anything was going to be better than Bark Case). The name Woodchuck came up – and it stuck. Potent, American, memorable, and aggressive.


2. What pushed you to start your own company?

Knowing that the 9-5 Job would always be there, and knowing there was something more.  We knew we had the ability to create major change by integrating our culture into our consumers lives – by using something like technology which has taken a forefront in our lives and incorporating authentic products with a mission to get people back to simplicity and the beautiful outdoors.


3. Why did you choose your current product line?

The initial product line started with wooden skins for electronics such as phones, tablets, and computers. As we continue to progress and create, additional woods, as well as products are added frequently.  We are always think of what we could “woodchuck” next and how to be the best, most innovative company possible.


4. Where do you grab your inspiration for new ideas?

The Inspiration comes from the amazing WOODCHUCK team. It also comes from any activities outdoors such as hiking, flying, free climbing, etc. as well time spent drawing and making. We never stop creating.


5. What’s your goal for the company in the next 5 years…10 years?

World domination. Our company goal for the next 5 and 10 years is radically simplistic and can be seen at the forefront of our daily work.

– Connect more people with nature

– Bring more jobs back to the United States

– Create quality products that consumers trust, respect, and are authentically American.


6. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in your journey?

Challenges are opportunities for change. You need to have a mindset that does not allow failure to be an option. 


7. What key component has made your business successful?

Having an extremely talented and ambitious team. Picking people smarter than yourself to do the things that are not in your realm of work is always important.  We are all constantly learning from one another, and most importantly, living and breathing the company mission in every thing we do.


8. Why is making by American hands important to you?

Our economy is dying, and consumers have become lost in buying products they aren’t even sure where they came from.  American made means not only crafting beautifully made products, but also means bring jobs back to America and being environmentally conscious. 


9. What ways have you benefited by focusing on “American-made”?

Moral structure. At this point it’s not about the immediate gains, it’s about creating a better future. This company’s benefit will be that of long-term results. A better American economy is the goal. We strive to be known as one of the key revivers of USA made manufacturing. 


10. What message would you like to give American consumers?

Every USA made purchase you make is a vote. It’s a vote for our economy’s future, our children’s future, and the improvement of society. Think carefully when you buy, and educate those around you. Lead by example. The power to change the world starts with the initiative taken by you. 


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