Detox Kit – Root Science

USA Made


Iceland is the kind of place that can be pretty harsh on the skin, and an Icelander’s natural understanding of how to protect their skin is evolutionarily sharp. It then goes to follow that the American organic Detox Kit by Root Science – founded by an Icelander herself – applies that knowledge. ($85.00). Gigja Wesneski knows all too well what some particularly sensitive skin types have to suffer through, and when it became clear to her that it was her duty to help those with this struggle, the concept of Root Science blossomed. Icelandic history includes generations upon generations of medicinal plant use for various bodily ailments, all of which are made traditionally with natural ingredients and zero ineffective filler-chemicals, and the Detox Kit strictly embodies this legacy of purity by providing it’s users with a complete line of organic, toxic-free skincare products. The detoxifying line includes a Beauty Bar, Face Scrub, as well as the choice of both a daily Face Serum and a Weekly Face Mask that apply specifically to your skin type. And lastly, the California-based Root Science team provides an easy and comprehensive routine for Detox Kit application. Both the products and process are simple, sophisticated, and every bit rooted in the fundamentals of the past while also being positively mindful of our skin’s future.

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